PPEARL is the brainchild of a highly innovative Danish designer with wide-ranging perspectives and a passion for excellence, impeccable taste and visual harmony.

Preben Lind is determined to rethink how good design can mature from being just objects to providing a sense of harmony and cohesion in the building spaces that are important to us, and where we seek inspiration, relaxation and pleasure.

Preben Lind provides a refined international vision of how design can improve the quality and texture of our lives.

PPEARL designs feature uniquely inviting surfaces, eye-catching details and premium craftsmanship. Every surface is a tactile delight that brings a gentle sense of harmony and sensual pleasure into any space.

PPEARL designs make a unique statement about how we can perceive quality, and have a dramatic impact on any interior - large or small. They're the perfect match for furniture and settings both classic and modern, and they're the ideal way to make a statement that gets noticed - and remembered.